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Zip-Lining: The Perfect Way To See The Fall Colors

September 25th 2014 in best zip lines in the USA, Zip Line Videos

The many colors of the Fall season can be seen while zip-lining high above the ground. With no distractions in your way, an exhilarating ride down a long cable will make for a memorable time for you and the ones you love. It can also be a great time to get better rates than in the peak summer, vacation season.

A lot of people don’t realize that children as young as 3 can go zip-lining and there’s a quick “ground school” to show beginners so it’s an activity that’s perfect for most families to do together. Weight limits for zip lines are in place not because the cables are under any stress (many can hold the weight of a small car) but because of momentum. A larger person will get going so fast it makes it hard for the tour guide to stop them on the approaching tower. It’s usually set at 275 to 300 lbs.


This zip-lining video had no description giving the location but gives you an idea of how nice zip lines can be in the Fall.

Though this zip-lining video doesn’t show the Fall colors you can imagine what a view this would be that time of year. This is Legacy Mountain Ziplines, quickly becoming one of the best zip lines in the U.S.A.

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge zip lines are excellent choices for seeing Fall colors in the Smoky Mountains as they can be seen in the distance.

While looking for the best of the best when it comes to zip lines I stumbled across this zipline in Maui.

There are many zip lines in Hawaii so be sure to look around but from what I saw on Tripadvisor and Youtube, this place cannot be beat!

It’s called “Kapalua Ziplines” and is located in […]

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Working in a reservation room for a while there was one question we kept answering over and over: what is the weight limit for zip-lining?
The answer you get will vary depending on the place you go. The zip line place I worked for the max limit was 270 lbs. That limit had nothing to do […]

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