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Weight Limit To Go Zip-lining

March 21st 2015 in Zip Line Safety

Working in a reservation room for a while there was one question we kept answering over and over: what is the weight limit for zip-lining?
The answer you get will vary depending on the place you go. The zip line place I worked for the max limit was 270 lbs. That limit had nothing to do with the strength of the cable as there are 2 and each 1/2 inch steel cable will hold a car. The problem is momentum. Big guys/gals get going too fast and it makes for a rough landing.
Be sure to call ahead where ever you plan on going and find out for sure what their policy is.

Many college age kids will be heading for spring break so as you’re headed out to zip line in Maui (lucky you! I spent my spring break in Gatlinburg).

The many colors of the Fall season can be seen while zip-lining high above the ground. With no distractions in your way, an exhilarating ride down a long cable will make for a memorable time for you and the ones you love. It can also be a great time to get better rates than in […]

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Depending on the place you go kids can ride  ziplines even as young as 3. They won’t be able to ride alone as their weight won’t give them the momentum they need to make it all the way across on the long lines. A minimum of weight is usually in place of around 60 or […]

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