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Tennessee Zip Lines For Kids

October 16th 2015 in Tennessee

Choosing the best Tennessee zip lines for kids can open their world to all the great things they are capable of. By doing such an extreme sport at a young age they will feel a confidence boost that will last a lifetime. Taking on new challenges such as zip-lining gives them feeling of being empowered, brave and fearless. These feelings instilled in them at an early age will benefit them in many ways as life throws it’s usual challenges at them throughout life.

The zip lines I have been looking at online have a minimum age of 3 but the child cannot ride alone unless they weigh enough for their momentum to carry them all the way to the next landing point. In this case the child would be tethered to an adult (mom or dad) or if the tour guide doesn’t feel like this is a safe option they will tether the child to them. All zip line tours that I know of have a small line to show everyone how to zip and stop.

The Great Smoky Mountains offers the most zip line options in Tennessee and you can find affordable, family places by just doing a little searching on the internet.

Whenever you decide to take your son or daughter on a zip line be sure to search the businesses name with the words “accidents” and maybe “injured”. Choose if possible,   a company that has built their zip lines using the “redundant” construction method. This way you will be connected to not one but two cables. You will have independent trolleys riding on each cable and if ever anything on 1 cable should fail there is another complete, sturdy line making sure you do not fall.

Also, make sure your guides are well trained and experienced. Have a lot of fun!


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Depending on the place you go kids can ride  ziplines even as young as 3. They won’t be able to ride alone as their weight won’t give them the momentum they need to make it all the way across on the long lines. A minimum of weight is usually in place of around 60 or […]

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