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Zip Line Accidents Are Rare And Preventable

August 13th 2010 in Branson Zip Lines, Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge-Sevierville, Zip Line Safety

    Zip Line Accidents

Just launching my research into zip line accidents and fatalities and this is going to take a while but I think it’s time well spent. Over the past few days, of the articles I have read I’ve noticed there seems to be a lack of “official” statistics but I’m still looking. By the way, if you happen to know of any government studies that can shed some light on this please contact me at and I’ll pass the information along.

Of what I have found there seems to be a common theme of most zip line accidents occurring at  “home-made” or unprofessionally designed courses.  This seems to be by far the number one cause of people getting hurt on zip lines but there is also another reason that comes into the picture and that is; guides or participants not following proper guidelines. Take a look at the bottom of this page and you will see just one of the articles that brought me to this conclusion.

Common sense can go a long way when you go seeking a zip line tour or ride, so  choose your location carefully. Do a search of some of the places you are looking at and add the word “accident” to the name of the zipline attraction…what comes up?  When you get there listen to what the guides are saying and how they say it.  If the have been properly trained you will detect a “sense of seriousness” as they outline the procedures (we will go into this in better detail later).

Look around and notice their gear, you should see names like © Petzl or © Black Diamond. Does it look old and tattered, just thrown into boxes  or does it look well kept and organized? As they strap the harness to you pay attention to what they are doing, making sure they secure you tightly and correctly into this most basic and important zip line gear, your harness.

So much more needs to be written on this because there is an unwarranted fear of ziplining and I am beginning to understand why. Below you will see the results of one search I did and it would appear zip line accidents are commonplace;  they are not! At least not at reputable, well built locations for the public, for the most part you can rest assured they do not want any accidents associated with their name.

Many zip line rides are taking place around the entire world every day yet the ones that don’t end in tragedy you will never hear about. The ones that do …well just take a look below. (more to come!)

    A Google search for “zip line accident” reveals some reasons why they happen as well as the same stories repeating.

  1. “the accident happened when the youth was mistakenly allowed to go down the zip line before a ladder was removed that was being used to get another child off”
  2. “a steel cable suspended between trees in the jungle when a harness holding her apparently broke”
  3. Videos for “zip line accident” (All are pretty much home-made and quite obvious why accidents happened)
  4. Youtube Video (IMHO it’s ridiculous this is page one Google!)
  5. “employee known as “Sobe” was helping a woman ride the zipline, but had forgotten to fasten his own safety line”
  6. (A repeat of #2 mentioned in forums)
  7. (A repeat of #2 mentioned in TripAdvisor forums)
  8. (A repeat of #2 along with other zip line accident stories that we will look into further)
  9. “The victim and other young adults were at the swimming hole at the end of Midline Road. The one-acre lake has a zip-cable running across it, which is attached to trees at both ends.”
  10. (This is a repeat of the story above)

**I can in no way assure anyone’s complete safety at any zip line location and this article is intended to just make the public more knowledgeable about choosing where to zip line and what to look out for. I am affiliated with and can endorse these two, only because I know of the care they used in the construction of and the careful attention they give to safety at both l One is a Branson, Mo.  zip line and the other ,an area Gatlinburg zip line that goes into more into  “Zip Line Safety” here.

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