Zipline information from Branson to Sevierville and costa Rica to Maui

The ACCT: Keeping Zip Lines Safe

September 19th 2010

In an effort to explore who is monitoring  and assuring your safety while zip lining, today we will look at the The Association for Challenge Course Technology otherwise known as the ACCT. Comprised of operators, builders, trainers and owners from a variety of countries, the ACCT is devoted to setting the standards for this relatively […]

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Zip Line Accidents Are Rare And Preventable

August 13th 2010

Zip Line Accidents Just launching my research into zip line accidents and fatalities and this is going to take a while but I think it’s time well spent. Over the past few days, of the articles I have read I’ve noticed there seems to be a lack of “official” statistics but I’m still looking. By […]

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Ziplines in Alaska, Icy Strait Point claims to have the world’s longest zip line

May 26th 2010

Claiming to be the  world’s largest zip-line at  5,330 feet long and a 1,300 foot vertical drop, Icy Strait Point in Juneau, Alaska appears to actually be the world’s largest zip line and until my research says otherwise or someone builds it, we will give them the benefit of the doubt. Reaching a maximum speed […]

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New zipline coming to the Gatlinburg,Pigeon Forge and Sevierville area.

May 17th 2010

Adventure Park offers Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Sevierville more family Anyone who loves ziplining will have to visit this new one opening soon in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park area. I am putting together the specifics in the next couple of days but for now just wanted to announce that construction is under way […]

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